WERK University [College]

WERK University’s mission is to connect women of color with the resources they need so they can save themselves, stop living paycheck to paycheck and make an impact on the world. We believe that if we can help you create more cash flow by developing new streams; you will have more time, energy and resources to go out and impact your community in a positive way.


Every month, you will be connected someone from my community of experts who will share a resource or strategy to help you make, save or invest your money.

I know that if I can help you increase your cashflow and get you to stop stressing about money, the rest of the things you really want will start to fall into place.

Inside WERK U, you'll get to hear from, learn from, connect with and WERK with financial planners, marketing experts, content creators, email funnel experts. product developers, consultants etc who can help you with literally anything that you want to do. (If we don't already have them scheduled, we can connect you to them personally! My network is huuuuuge)

But that ain't it

In addition to plugging you in with my people, I've also created a student playground full of content that you have access to. The content includes tools, downloadable courses and templates to help you take action toward your goals.

(The teacher in me went a little crazy with the werksheets and templates... there's templates for everything in there, from speaker kits to opt-in pages to media kits!)


You get to join me for Koffee with Koe every single month for strategy and support! (think of this like you sitting with the teacher and getting extra help with your homework... whatever you need, I got you!!!)


WERK U is for you if:

✨you don't have a specialized skill to start a business

✨you're ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck

✨you want to learn how to make more or save more money

✨you want to join a network of women who 'get it'

✨you don't feel fulfilled at your 9-5

✨you want to finally stop worrying about your finances

✨you could benefit from using courses and templates to get closer to your goals

It's time to join us inside WERK University. Your annual membership includes:
✅ forever access to my rolodex of freelancers, from my graphic designer to my accountant and more
✅ an online student playground full of courses, werksheets, tools and downloadable templates
✅ an opportunity to 'pick the brain' of an expert in a different industry every single month
✅ a private community to connect & collab with others in the program
✅ monthly Koffee with Koe Coaching Sessions

Tuition options:
Monthly - You are billed $25/month automatically on the same day each month
2020 Member - You are billed $225 and your membership will remain active for the remainder of 2020

**No contracts, cancel at any time.
All payments are non-refundable. 
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